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Water Stop
Water Stop
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28 Sep 2018
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Water Stop

In the implementation of reinforced concrete construction work, especially the connection area we often encounter the installation of water stop, its existence including important though classified as a job that is not visible so sometimes forgot or deliberately forgotten not to be installed, until finally leakage problem arise or seepage of water on the concrete, especially on water-related parts such as basement basement, STP, core lift, retaining walls, and the like. to know the water stop function in the concrete connection we can see from its name that is Water Stop comes from the English word water = water and stop = stop, so said water stop can mean the stop water.

So Water stop function is to hold the water net either from side, top or other direction so as not to seep into the concrete, water stop there is dodol or liquid form. Although the function is very important does not mean free to install in large quantities in the hope that the less likely the water will seep, because that will happen precisely cause the concrete can not be connected perfectly so that the problem arises crack / crack even broken, if it is so then the water becomes more freely to flow and as a gutter of water.

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