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Rubber Bridge Bearing
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19 Jul 2019
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Rubber pads have become the standard for steel and concrete bridge structures, they are reliable, inexpensive, maintenance-free with a service lifetime that usually exceeds the bridge's superstructure itself. Simply put, the Rubber Bridge Bearing moves the vertical load from the superstructure to the substructure while allowing limited horizontal movement (for thermal expansion and bridge structural beam contraction), as well as supported member rotation movement. These pads are mostly made of natural rubber or polychloroprene (Neoprene). Both of these compounds have been proven for decades. With the addition of an internal steel booster layer, the bearing load capacity has increased dramatically. The bridge construction design engineer can determine the size and configuration of the pads to accommodate the specific load, shear, and rotation requirements at each point.

Rubber Bridge Bearings with a large number of steel shims relative to the overall volume of rubber can handle higher load and shear strength. In contrast, bearings with wider distances than steel shims can provide excellent vibration isolation characteristics, and are often used in cinemas and concert halls. By manipulating a small number of variables, engineers can design elastomeric pads that suit most applications.

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