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Mooring Buoy / Navigation Buoys
Mooring Buoy / Navigation Buoys
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04 Mar 2019
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Buoys are markers placed on the sea so that the ship does not dock because the depth of the sea is too shallow. Buoys are generally bright in color so they are easily recognized from a distance. Mooring buoy, the newest product of PT Samudera Luas Paramacitra is one type of buoy that is used to anchor ships in the sea area so that large vessels that cannot dock at the dock can still carry out loading and unloading activities. Mooring buoy has the heaviest weight among other types of buoys.
Mooring buoys are equipped with heavier loads to be placed on the seabed called sinkers. Sinker is associated with buoys using chains and shackle. The installed chain length is twice the depth of the sea in the mooring buoy area installed. This is so that the buoy stays in the specified radius and if the tides occur, the mooring buoy stays on the surface of the water. At the top of the buoy there is an overhanging section which is intended as the place where the ship moores the rope. Thus, there are two advantages to using a mooring buoy. First, the ship does not need to release anchors to the sea floor so that the marine ecosystem is maintained. Second, the ship can dock with a safe distance so that the possibility of a large ship to hit the sea floor shrinks.
The key to success of a mooring buoy system is regular maintenance. Each area needs different attention depending on the natural conditions. Therefore, the treatment plan should be flexible with local conditions as a reference. Mooring buoy is equipped with a manhole to check regularly to make sure there are no leaks and the buoy's condition remains excellent.
Mooring buoys are often placed in the middle of the sea for temporary vessels. When the sea conditions are erratic due to waves and large winds, it is not impossible that the mooring buoy will be thrown away, even sometimes chains that bind the buoy are not able to hold the buoy that causes the buoy to float away from the designated location. Therefore, each buoy is equipped with one GPS to find out and track the location of the buoy.
Based on the results of the observation, most of the damage to the mooring buoy was caused by the collision of the docked ship. Therefore, buoys are usually equipped with rubber fenders that are installed around the buoy to protect the buoy's body. All types of buoys are generally painted in bright colors so they are easy to find. At night, even though the buoy's body is brightly colored, it is still possible that the buoy is not visible. Therefore, the mooring buoy is also equipped with lights that have solar cells as a backup energy source so they can stay on at night.

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