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PT Samudera Luas Paramacitra

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Rubber Fender Ship Square
Rubber Fender Ship Square
Rubber Fender Ship Square
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PT. Samudera Luas Paramacitra is one of the leading rubber industry company in Indonesia which one of its products is Rubber Fender Indonesia. Rubber fender dock or box type rubber fender is a rubber fender that can be used for various applications or needs. Its use is somewhat similar to the rubber fender / rubber fender type D, but because it has a box shape then this has the advantage of being able to withstand heavier loads. This shipping tool can also be said to have the ability to absorb more energy caused by collisions or collisions that occur with large ships. It has a more durable structure and is robust enough to handle a harsher environmental load and is able to withstand more intensity work.

Rubber Fender has a variety of applications. The most common use of rubber fenders ordered by our customers are:
• Tugboat and workboat fendering
• Small vessel fendering
• Quay and pier fendering
• Windfarm vessel fendering

But besides being an Indonesian rubber fender specialist we also offer many customer-specific solutions and tend to several industries.

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