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Expantion Joint
Expantion Joint
Expantion Joint
Expantion Joint
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19 Jul 2019
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Dilatation is made to maintain the construction structure from irregular cracks. The separation / dilation gap is the separation or cutting of a structural system in a certain part in the longitudinal direction of the building. This is done to avoid more severe damage to buildings due to tires or external forces acting on buildings, such as earthquakes, wind, temperature, ground layer movements, unstable soil compaction processes, and dynamic loads of vehicles or engines.

Among the slits of a building structure, bridges, and roads are commonly used Rubber Dilatation (Concrete Rubber, Rubber Strip and other terms Expantion Joint or Siar Muai) to overcome the problem of the crack. With rubber material that is waterproof and ozone. The size of the rubber dilated depends on how wide the gap is between the structures

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