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Super Elemen Fender
Super Elemen Fender
Super Elemen Fender
Super Elemen Fender
Super Elemen Fender
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28 Feb 2019
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Rubber Bumper or Rubber Fender Type Super Element Fender type SLP Super Element Fender (SSEF) is a fender that is known to be the most effective and efficient in the world market. Since the first time the Super Element type fender was launched, this fender has a good track record and is warmly received at the marine fender market. The structure of the SLP Super Element Fender which consists of 2 marine fenders resembling the letter I and the frontal frame is designed for use in ports with large and small vessels.In performance, this marine fender deflection type SLP Super Element reaches 52.5%. In addition to high deflection, other advantages of the SLP Super Element Fender fender are for example durable and not easily torn. The structure of the SLP Super Element Fender is equipped with 4 pieces of iron plate mounted above and below the feet of the fender (letter I). The bottom is affixed to the dock wall, while the upper part is attached to the frontal frame intended for leaning vessels. Feet made of rubber can be installed with horizontal or vertical arrangement. The height and length of the fender is related to energy absorption and reaction force.Fender SLP Super Element Fender branded SLP Fender is now officially available in the PT Samudera Luas Paramacitra product catalog. As one of the leading producers of marine fenders in Indonesia, the production of SLP Super Element Fender is a pride and a new breakthrough for us. SLP Super Element Fender Fender has passed the pressure test with deflection 52.5% and can be produced in size to order. Contact our Marketing department at 0231-510769 / 510765

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